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5 More Sites for Remote Jobs

5 More Sites for Remote Jobs

In my last post I gave a list of eight job boards/search engines that would help remote spouses get their foot in the virtual door (so to speak).  I’ve attached them in a shortened version to the end of this list.  This post will be short but sweet with five more job boards/search engines that will be great tools for finding remote or virtual employment. Just click on the title to link directly to their websites.

This is a pretty simple sign-up website. Click on “find a job” and enter your information to create an account. You’ll need to upload your resume and create a profile but after that you can search through their available jobs that are from companies around the world. Most of the companies listed are new start-ups looking for remote workers to get off the ground.

This is a typical job board with no need to create an account. Simply go to the website and click on a job that you are interested in and apply from there. is a well organize job board. Again, just click on the job you want and apply. I love this one because they give a lot of information without having to dig for it. Schedule, duration, where it’s based, who can apply, etc. There is also an easy search filter along the side that helps you narrow down the options and a chat feature in case you need any help.

A super easy to navigate site, you can look at a job database, find editor’s picks, and get lots of help for your search. They do have a section for Healthcare jobs but it’s only with one company at the moment (Humana) and although they are work-from-home, they do require you to live in a specific geographical area. This might be an option for spouses PCSing back to the states though so always keep an open mind!

This is an easy-to-navigate job board as well. I’ve noticed that they post a lot of recent jobs (which is good if you like variety or want to sift through current openings) and they also list if it’s a position that can be done ‘Anywhere’ or if you can do it anywhere in a specific country such as the US or the UK (Yay UK spouses!!!). Many of their jobs revolve around design, marketing, computers, developers, etc. Kind of happy I got my bachelors in Marketing…kind of wish I graduated after all this social media stuff was required knowledge. Oy vey!

Here are the other job sites that I went over in my last post. You can click on these as well to link right to the websites.

Make sure that when you apply for remote positions you pay attention to anything that might come back as a surprise later such as expected working hours (time zone differences), what currency you’ll be paid in (exchange rates), and how taxes will be paid (the company does it or you). Keeping this in mind will save you time when applying.

Also…if it seems super sketchy such as no information listed (but they want all of yours) or they want a “trial period” that is much more than just a sample of your work, DON’T DO IT!

Make good choices people!

The Remote Spouse

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