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Virtual Job Questionnaire

Hello to all my fellow Remote Spouses!

I’ve had great feedback over the last few days and it’s given me quite a few ideas for the future. One of the ideas that has come to mind is to have a collection of remote or virtual job descriptions by those that currently work in them. The inside knowledge and added insight will be beneficial to spouses during their decision-making process.

It’s not always easy to do the research and weed out the scams so by creating a “job bank” so to speak, I can help take some of the stress out of it. You’ll have real insight from real spouses that personally do the job.

If you are a spouse that wants to add your current position as a potential opportunity to others, please see the following questionnaire (RSP Job Questionnaire) and submit it to me via email at or through messenger on The Remote Spouse Project Facebook page.


Virtual Job Questionnaire (also linked above)

  1. What is your job title?
  2. What is the company that you work for?
  3. Do you have any contact information such as a link to their employment website?
  4. Is this position 100% remote and portable? Doable from overseas?
  5. Can you describe the hiring process?
  6. What is the schedule and work load like?
  7. What skills are needed to do your job?
  8. Is there a specific background or education needed for this job?
  9. What environment (physical and technical) should an employee have available to them to work from home?
  10. What is the compensation for those just starting and is there a possibility for raises or advancement?
  11. What are the basic duties of your position?
  12. What do you see as the positives to your position?
  13. What do you see as the negatives to your position?
  14. Would you like credit on the blog post or would you like to stay anonymous?


Thank you for your help and for your time. I hope the information you have provided will help another spouse looking for employment.

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